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5 Most Affordable Countries To Study Abroad For Indian Students

Some malicious rumours are floating and spreading hindrance to the zealous activeness of the aspirants who are willing to study abroad. One of the most popular rumours among them is-- study abroad is costly. Well, to some extent, yes, it indeed is. You cannot get a foreign education with zero bank balance. On the other hand, you don’t need to pour all your (or your parents) bank balance. Being a victim of this nasty rumour people are roaming around for the student loan here and there.  However, having the right knowledge of studying abroad can save you your money and effort. With careful planning and financial acuteness, you will definitely discover that studying abroad can be more affordable than spending thousands buck on the top colleges or the universities in your country. Here are some of the most affordable countries suggested by the overseas education consultants that have become the most favorite study destination of the global students. 1. Germany Eating out in t
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Study in UK: Top 5 Courses for Indian Students after 12th

You are in a confused state of mind after the 12 th board exams. Yes!!  You read it right. You are still not sure what to do. Which path can lead to a settled life in future for you???? A right course selection can shape your future and vice-versa. You have cleared your first hurdle by choosing UK as your destination for higher studies. But what next??? You are still confused regarding the right choice of your course. Indeed, career selection is one of the most crucial as well as an insightful deed for a student. A right selection of courses can shape your prospects and vice-versa.  One must take an account of the fact that in the UK there are more courses apart from the common courses which are available in India. Some courses are gaining popularity amongst the international students. They are enrolling their names in these courses as it has been found that these courses are bringing a good prospect in world professional field. Have a look at the most exciting and desir

Study in UK: Why London Becomes the First Choice!!

When it comes to the higher education, most of the scholar aspirants from India seek for the best foreign cities to pursue their studies. A report says that most of the Indian students choose the UK as their ideal country to make an education trip, and almost all of them prefer London when they are asked to choose the university or the college. Well, they are right, anyway. Another report says that London has been ranked as the best city for the international university students. Paris and Montreal were in the leading position for a long time amongst the top 30 universities around the world, according to QS higher education data. Then the scenario has been changed dramatically and London has become the top and keeps its consistency for a long time. Of course, the ups and downs of the rating depend on the reciprocal relationship between the students and the university faculty. Also, it can be said that with the power educational system and top faculties London universities

5 Reasons Why the Overseas Educational Consultants are the Best Educational Gurus

Educational agents or the academic consultants are the bridge between a student’s dilemma and destination while choosing a right course, college, or university. When it comes to studying overseas, these helping hands become a must because who can know better than the entire education system, limitations and liberty of different countries? Therefore, they provide the best support to the students when they are out of their native lands. You may find a number of education consultancies in Kolkata , but not all of them are professional and authentic, whereas it demands the most dependable hands when you are going to a new place alone. Let’s see, what could be the main reasons to hire professional overseas education consultants for which most of the aspiring students are up for. 1.      They plan your career for you: Mapping a good career graph is a must when you are willing to pursue an overseas education. The professional education consultants always help you plan

Can You Skip Study In UK After Knowing These Facts?

No matter which degree you are holding in your hand- a Bachelor or a Masters, you are recognized by your university when looking for a job in a top-notch company. And when the employers found that you are coming from the UK and were a part of one of the international universities, you will surely be provided with some extra privileges. As the UK universities are associated with the educational equality, pursuing top-class degrees, students most of the time wish to complete their further studies in the UK, or rather in the top-ranked UK universities. It is remarkable that the UK universities are ranked highest in respect to all other global universities in the world, and the country is world’s leading country for educational reputation and researchers. Therefore, it is coherent that study in UK is always fruitful in this situation. In fact, in many educational articles and blogs, the litterateurs suggest and encourage students for the UK. So, if you are still in thinking wh

Exams That Demand a Good Score to Study in Australia

Cracking the entrance exams with a good score is like getting the passport to get into the top universities in Australia. Myriads of entrance exams are there to be a part of the Australian education system such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. Every aspirant all over the globe has to pass the right exam to be a part of the best international colleges and universities in Australia. Whereas the global study has opened the scope of being on the bigger part of the education, the entrance examinations are the gateway to the realm of world education. With the help of the advance educational method, it is possible to get admission in the global institutes for the students of different merits. The marks of the last passing exams are not on the basic parameter to get a chance to the international universities; one has to pass the international examinations that set his or her limit of knowledge. Therefore, to study in Australia has become the dream of every aspiring student no matter is

5 Barriers to Get F1 Visa While Aspiring to Study in UK

The F1 visa is the most aspiring thing for the students who are eagerly waiting to board on a flight to the UK. It is definitely the very first step of your dream that is going to be true shortly. If you are one of those candidates who  are  waiting for their result to come and ready to apply to the foreign universities for higher education, you must know that getting the visa can be much tougher than you can think of. Students who are applying for the F1 (student’s visa) know the stressful situation of getting it on time. Many students are there who are trying for the visa for months; many are there who are trying for  years  but fail to get it. Both the document verification and the interview are the most important parts to get the F1 visa. Most candidates do not get their visa or get delayed because of some common mistakes during the interview. Here is a list of 5 things that you should not do in the visa an interview while you head to  study in UK . 1         Do not show